At Seitles & Litwin, we specialize in appellate and post-conviction motions. Attorney Litwin, a former Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals law clerk, brings the benefit of working on criminal appeals from the judicial level and has a thorough understanding of what it takes to mount successful criminal appeals. Ms. Litwin has extensive experience on both the state and federal levels in writing and arguing appeals at oral argument in front of the Eleventh Circuit and Florida’s district court of appeals.  Appellate arguments are notoriously complex and require the highest level of written and oral advocacy skills.

Seitles & Litwin has also had tremendous success in filing and arguing post conviction motions (2255 motions and rule 3.850 motions) in federal district and state trial courts, and have filed petitions for cert in front of the U.S Supreme Court and the Florida Supreme Court. Our history of success speaks for itself.

Recent victories include:

  • United States v. Uri Ammar – vacated his convections and overturned a life sentence
  • United States v. Elroy Phillips – vacated 4 of his 5 convictions and overturned his sentence
  • United States v. Baptiste – overturned his sentence
  • State of Florida v. Daniel Enrique Vilca Guevara – reversed his conviction and life sentence
  • Gustavo Bru v. United States – won post-conviction motion for ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Terrance Frederick v. United States – vacated his conviction
  • Dwayne Easton v. United States – vacated his conviction
  • Michael Cates v. United States – vacated his conviction
  • Frank Jesus Onetti v. United States– vacated his conviction
  • Peter Martin v. United States– vacated his conviction

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