With years of experience and landmark victories for high profile clients, the federal criminal defense attorneys at Seitles & Litwin have proven time and again that they have what it takes to mount a successful defense in complex white collar criminal cases. The sooner you hire a qualified attorney to mount a defense and be your intermediary with the government, the higher the chance of obtaining a reduction of charges or a dismissal.

Seitles & Litwin has represented a wide variety of clients including public officials and business figures who have found themselves facing white collar crimes including wire, cyber, business securities and health care fraud. We are proud to be considered your Top Rated White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami, FL.


  • Business & Securities Fraud: Whether it be corporate executives, business executives, or investment brokers, our attorneys have experience representing individuals facing charges such as insider trading, stock price manipulation, misrepresentation of financial products, and other business and securities fraud charges. Government institutions combine resources when seeking these types of charges. The SEC will gladly hand over their civil fraud investigation records to the Department of Justice. You could then be facing both civil and criminal charges. Seitles & Litwin know the proven strategies to fight related civil and criminal charges and employ them to mount an aggressive defense at both levels.


  • Criminal Tax & Antitrust: The Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, Internal Revenue Service, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office all work to come down hard on individuals and corporations for alleged criminal tax and antitrust violations. Our team has the knowledge and resources to fight off these government agencies’ combined efforts at getting a conviction. These kinds of charges include: income tax evasion, price fixing, and monopolization. Both civil and criminal law come into play. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of both and how they intersect. We use this to effectively advocate for our clients.


  • FCPA & Government Contracting: If you conduct business abroad or are a government contractor, you are required to comply with some very complex legal requirements and failure to understand them is not a viable defense. Those that contract to provide the government with goods and services are in an extremely competitive arena and are kept under a very close watch. Any misstep can land you in immense legal trouble not to mention potentially losing your ability to do business with the government. With a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding FCPA and government contracting, our attorneys can help prevent problems right from the first hint of a government investigation.


  • Healthcare & Regulatory Offenses: Anyone in the healthcare industry can be subject to civil and criminal charges involving, among other things, alleged billing fraud, accepting kickbacks, filing false medical claims, and overbilling. You can be ruined professionally and face civil and criminal penalties. Our attorneys understand the complex health care billing systems’ the ways in which an individual can defend themselves against all charges or mitigate against over prosecution by the government.


  • Extradition: If you have been charged with a crime in the United States and you are not currently living in the United States, you will face extradition proceedings. You have the best chance before you get extradited to the United States, so it is important to immediately consult with our extradition attorney services. We have experience working within the country where you currently reside in order to prevent extradition. Should you still be extradited, we will aggressively defend you in U.S. criminal court.


When you are in need of a Federal White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer, look no further than our trusted team at Seitles & Litwin. We offer a free-of-charge Case Evaluation to give you the best insight of your particular situation. Let our top criminal defense attorney represent you and your case today!