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Federal Attorneys Can Represent someone in some cases

Federal criminal defense attorney Miami have the authority to appear before federal court. This responsibility differs from that of a state court attorney by way of the cases they represent. Federal court only deals with the possible violation of a federal law, and only federal attorneys can represent a person here.

The federal attorney, like all other attorneys, must be licensed (graduated from law school and passed the bar exam). As bar exams are only for state qualification, an attorney wanting to present in the federal court must apply separately. They must go above and beyond to show understanding of federal law/ rules of procedure before getting sworn in. With this amount of accountability comes additional knowledge and training; therefore, if you are facing a federal offense, a federal criminal defense attorney has a higher chance of creating a successful case for you.


When looking for the federal criminal defense attorney Miami that you want to represent you in court, keep the following in mind:

  • Find a lawyer who has experience handling investigations against federal prosecutors or agents.
  • Check the lawyer’s background to see where they went to school, what their professional accomplishments are, etc. to ensure that you aren’t hiring someone who doesn’t know that they are doing.
  • Communication is key. This case is a big deal to you; therefore, you need to understand what is happening. Your lawyer is the key to that.
  • Be upfront about how much you can afford and see how the lawyer charges (hourly, etc.).
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Before denying representation or searching for the cheapest lawyer, make sure that you find someone with qualifications and proof that shows they know what they are doing at a FEDERAL level. Seitles & Litwin has the professional, experienced attorneys that can handle your situation. Call now at (305) 403-8070