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Focusing on federal criminal defense at the trial and appellate level, the firm has defended hundreds of accused individuals facing charges for matters related to securities fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, white-collar crimes, Medicare fraud, and kickback/bribery cases. Seitles & Litwin has received numerous accolades…


New Victory from our Team

In a significant victory for the defense, attorney Marc Seitles successfully represented Fidalgis Font, the CEO of Tellus Clinical Research, in a medical fraud case involving alleged "fake" clinical drug trials. Font was acquitted of all federal charges including conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering brought by the Department of Justice. Seitles argued that Font, as the clinic owner, had no direct involvement in the drug trials conducted at her clinic. The jury carefully examined the evidence and concluded that witnesses were clearly lying and that the government has not met its burden of proof. The defense's success highlights Seitles' effective representation and his ability to dismantle the prosecution's case.



“Marc Seitles is undoubtedly a warrior in a court room. I like how he will fight for you relentlessly, without a doubt. Never forgets to touch base with you and does not leave you out of the loop. We hired him to defend this case and we’ve seen how passionate he is. He is a lawyer who loves his job and knows his case study very well. I recommend him to everyone in need of a lawyer. You will not regret it.”
— Milka A.
“The only attorney in Miami you can trust, and, believe me, I tried some. When you are in trouble, the lawyer can become your worst enemy. Not the case here. A decent, ethical man that will treat you as family and fight for you till the end. When he shows up and tells you this is war, he means it! And you know what, it is really war, and he doesn’t know how to lose.”
— Nicolas P.