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Appeal The Judge’s Decision

The Seitles and Litwin law firm specializes in criminal appeals in the federal court system. An appeal is a highly specialized legal process that asks an appellate court to review the verdict and sentencing of a lower trial court in a criminal matter. It is very important to know that a criminal appeal is not a new trial. It is also important to understand that an appeal may be slow, and take months to be resolved. You will need an appellate attorney.

Every person convicted has the right of appeal, but this does not mean an appeal is automatic. The person asking for the case to be reconsidered is called the appellant, and the other side, which wants the lower court’s decision to be affirmed is called the appellee.

The appellate court is not concerned with guilt or innocence. The court reviews the record of the trial, which consists of the court reporter’s transcription of everything said during the trial, plus documents and other items admitted as evidence.  Grounds for filing an appeal include improper submission of evidence, juror misconduct, incorrect instructions given to the jury by the lower court judge, false arrest, and ineffective assistance of counsel. These can be highly technical and require skill and experience on the part of the appellant’s attorney.

Each side files a complicated document called a brief. The appellant’s brief argues why the original trial was legally flawed. The government’s brief argues why the original conviction should be upheld. The appellant files a second brief responding to the government’s brief. An appeal may also involve oral arguments. An appeal may be extraordinarily complex.  It is crucial that the appellant’s attorney has outstanding advocacy skills, both for the written briefs and for the oral arguments.

Seitles and Litwin has a remarkable record of results in the appeals process. Many of our clients have had convictions vacated, sentences overturned, including life sentences. Our success comes from thorough preparation, persistence, and skill. Seitles and Litwin is criminal appeals Miami, the best appellate attorney. “Experience You Can trust!” Call Now (305) 403-8070appellate attorney