There are a lot of good law firms in Miami. What makes Seitles and Litwin stand out as the best?

We specialize in defending people who face prosecution by federal agencies. An indictment brings the full weight of federal prosecution against an accused person. That can be intimidating for both the accused and their counsel. Sometimes it really is a David and Goliath situation, and you want your David to know exactly what to do. Seitles and Litwin has experience and skill, and is not intimidated.

We defend people indicted or accused by government authorities. We specialize in white collar criminal defense, healthcare litigation and Medicare fraud. We defend clients accused of drug trafficking, money laundering and other very serious accusations. We also specialize in criminal appeals. Law enforcement is sometimes characterized by zealous persecution that can sweep up the innocent as well as the guilty. Seitles and Litwin has an outstanding record in defending our clients. When a prosecuting attorney comes after you, you may feel the vast resources of the government behind them. You don’t need just a lawyer, you need a lawyer who is experienced and who knows how to take on the government, and win. That’s what we do, and that’s why we’re the best lawyers in Miami.

A large number of our clients have sent us unsolicited letters or emails. Words they have used used again and again include “tenacious” and “compassionate.”  Typical comments are “kind, professional and tenacious,” “aggressive, persistent, does the impossible,” “awesome and caring,” and “amazing dedication.”

These kinds of comments are not just positive ratings by happy clients. These kinds of comments have been earned by our firm’s outstanding results. We get more comments like these after every case. We know we’re the best because we get the best results for our clients.Best lawyer in Miami