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The consequences of no defense or poor defense are severe.

Criminal law in the United States, whether federal or state, is extremely complicated. While in theory people facing criminal charges can defend themselves, any effective defense requires an attorney. The services an experienced defense attorney offers are vital to anyone facing criminal charges or who thinks they might be facing charges. The consequences of no defense or poor defense will be severe.

A defense attorney may be important before any charges are actually filed. An attorney will consult with the client, and offer counsel on what to say and what to do and what not to do. The attorney is crucial in dealing with any kind of hearing or pretrial questioning, and especially will advise about potential self-incrimination. Professional representation at any pretrial hearing is a must. Did an arresting officer have probable cause? This and other factors may be used by an attorney to ask that charges be dismissed. The attorney can argue that bail be reduced or not required.

In some cases, a defense attorney will advise a plea bargain, a plea of guilty to a lesser charge that will result in a lesser penalty. If charges result in a trial, a defense attorney will plan a defense. He or she will look for weaknesses in the evidence, and may question the credibility of witnesses.

The defense attorney is familiar with what kinds of defenses may work in a specific case, and will also be familiar with how to effectively present the case to a jury. Are the witnesses absolutely sure of what they saw? Did an arresting officer follow proper procedure? Were there extenuating circumstances? Is the defendant mentally competent? Was the defendant compelled to participate in the crime?

These and any other relevant questions will be brought up by the defense attorney. The United States Constitution declares that citizens have the right of legal representation, and a defense attorney’s services guarantee that right will be exercised. With Seitles & Litwin “experience You Can Trust!” Call Now (305) 403-8070Extradition Law - The Ins and Outs on a Federal Level