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The Phases used to disguise illegal income

Money laundering is disguising financial gains from criminal acts to increase the legitimate finances/profit of a company. One popular example would be the establishment of anonymous companies in another country that are used to verify the random influx of money through a fake invoice for services (importing/exporting of goods, etc.). Money launderers use three phases to disguise this illegal income. These phases include:

Placement: Tucking money that came from an illegal activity (drug dealing, prostitution, etc.) into the financial system/ stirring it into a legitimate business’s income.

Layering: Concealing and burying the illegal finances to make the traction of the money origin harder to trace via any audit.

Integration: Money is mixed into the financial system with other business assets by making the finances appear to be legally earned (fake invoices in the example above).

Schemes can include the following:

  • Wire fraud
  • Real estate money laundering
  • Terrorist financing
  • Online and electronic money laundering
  • Drug money laundering
  • Corporate money laundering
  • Tax evasion
  • Insurance
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