Being charged with any form of business fraud is an extremely serious matter. Regulations are complicated, and the process you may go through as you face charges are extremely complex. You cannot navigate these charges by yourself. You need experienced and qualified legal representation immediately. The answer is our expert Business Fraud Attorney Miami services.

The rules that business operates under are extremely complicated. The regulations that cover stocks and securities are different than those regulating government contracts. Regulations governing banks and insurance companies are different from those concerning exports and imports. The regulatory structure is important because its investigative arms are always on the lookout for problems such as fraud.

There are many kinds of fraud that people in business could be charged with. Common charges include categories such as insider trading, stock manipulation, and business and securities fraud. Sometimes several charges may be made at once, including tax evasions and other charges. Government investigators from one agency sometimes link with investigators from other agencies, so you could face multiple charges that include simultaneous criminal and civil charges. If you lose a case, the penalties you face may be severe. At the worst, substantial incarceration time and large fines can result. Penalties can include loss of licenses, property confiscation, and damaged or destroyed reputations.

You could be charged with fraud without knowing what you actually did that broke the law. Ignorance of regulations is not considered to be an excuse. Your legal representation needs to both understand the maze of laws concerning your case, and be experienced in negotiating with federal authorities. The earlier you obtain competent legal assistance, the greater the likelihood of reduction or dismissal of the charges.

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