The United States has extradition treaties with more than a hundred other countries. The treaties require that the U.S. returns any fugitive who has fled from a country where they have been convicted of a crime. If a fugitive is found to be in the U.S., the process begins with the country involved making a request to the State Department, which determines if the request is valid, and then informs the Justice Department. Justice finds and detains the person. If your in Miami an extradition needs an extradition attorney Miami to help them.

The person to be extradited may request a hearing and present a case against being extradited. This process is intimidating and presenting effective arguments against extradition requires an experienced attorney. The process can be lengthy, and in some cases the person may request an extradition bond allowing the person to be released from detention. Because Miami has a large international community, sometimes extradition procedures are initiated against residents. Extradition is an extremely serious matter. If you are facing an extradition procedure you need the services of an experienced extradition attorney immediately. 

There are ways to fight an extradition. To begin with, there is the possibility of mistaken identity so the process must assure that the person subject to extradition really is the same person identified in the other country’s request. The documents must be in order, and this is a highly technical matter that requires professional analysis.

There are other factors that may affect an extradition procedure, as the extradition law is very complex. If the extradition concerns an offense that is not a crime in the United States, an extradition request may be denied. The grounds for denying an extradition request include if the “crime” was political or religious in nature, concern that the person to be extradited faces cruel and unusual punishment, or if the conviction was to punish political or social activism.

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