Health care professionals and organizations in Miami are under increasing federal and state scrutiny. Charges of fraud and other illegal practices can seriously damage the reputation and otherwise disrupt the business of clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, medical practices and other healthcare facilities. Individual health practitioners facing charges may experience disruption of employment, loss of license and impairment or even destruction of a career. This is an extremely serious matter for everyone in healthcare, and everyone should be aware that the highest quality legal defense is a must. Seitles & Litwin are the premier Miami Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers for you.

The healthcare industry, like any other industry, has a few bad apples who commit frauds and other offenses. A few highly publicized cases have resulted in heightened scrutiny of the entire industry. Some of that scrutiny includes overzealous officials combing through records looking for frauds. The incredible complexity of regulations and billing procedures in complex programs such as Medicare and Medicaid makes it certain that errors will occur, and these may be pounced on as evidence not of honest mistakes in billing but of fraud. Ostensibly to protect patients and taxpayers, much of this process is politically driven.

Healthcare Fraud Miami FL

The existence of real frauds has been used to make the entire healthcare system suspect. Any healthcare professional in Miami may find themselves the subject of an investigation, as may any healthcare facility. An investigation may concern itself with allegations of false and improper billing, kickbacks for referrals, unnecessary medical tests and therapy, among other possibilities. These must be taken seriously, because charges may seriously damage, or even destroy reputations and careers. Quality legal representation is imperative. What is health care fraud? Healthcare fraud Miami means Seitles & Litwin. We have an excellent track record of successful defense against healthcare fraud charges, and have successfully represented Miami’s doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare providers against charges of healthcare fraud. Be sure to choose the best healthcare fraud defense lawyer when you are in need of effective counsel! “Experience You Can Trust!” Call Now (305) 403-8070