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Technology has allowed white collar crime to become more advanced.

Technology is developing incredibly rapidly. It seems as if every six months a new technology bursts into public view. What is also developing rapidly but tries to stay completely out of view is white collar crime. When the time comes for a proven track record of experience counsel, contact the Top Rated White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney Miami today.

The same technology that has revolutionized our economy has revolutionized crime. Banking and financial transactions have become incredibly fast and remarkably convenient. Shopping online, ATMs, paying bills online, and many other contemporary conveniences have resulted from the revolution in computing and intelligent devices.

White collar crime has developed in sophistication along with the internet. We’ve all gotten emails telling us we can get millions of dollars in lottery winnings if only we send some money to pay bank fees. Now sophisticated hackers can mimic banks and divert deposits. They can easily steal identities and empty accounts. That’s petty crime. Huge crimes are also possible. Stock market transactions are made in milliseconds. A trader with inside information can use information technology to influence market trends and make huge profits quickly, often without being noticed and with little fear of punishment if caught.

But the speed of online banking also makes laundering money faster and much more convenient. Fraud, for example, has always existed, but technology has expanded the opportunities for fraud. In particular, fraud is no longer a local crime but now criminal and victims of fraud may be thousands of miles apart. The internet has given the white collar criminal literally global opportunities.

The sheer complexity of information technologies overwhelms most of the public. Most people can operate their smart phones and personal computing devices well enough, but clear understanding of how things actually work is not widespread. This is in effect a kind of technological illiteracy, and can easily be taken advantage of.

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There is another aspect of technology. It is not inherently grounded in any one place. Bitcoin, for example, is not a national currency and is not grounded in any political entity. There is an element of joyful anarchy in the activities of users of “currency” like Bitcoin, of going outside the political and economic system. It also offers joyful opportunities because it is unregulated, and exists outside the net of national and international regulations that controls traditional economic activity.

Technology has resulted in the amazing conveniences we all enjoy. It has also created amazing opportunities for the criminally minded, and thus require the Top Rated White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney Miami for effective counsel. If you or someone you know has been accused of a white collar crime, call us today at Seitles and Litwin for a no-cost Case Evaluation. We are the Miami Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers with “Experience You Can Trust!” Call Now (305) 403-8070