Types Of Criminal Defense

Their Are Several Criminal Defense Used To Defend Your Case

Choose The Right Defense To Defend Your Case

A defense is some kind of coherent argument against criminal charges that have been filed against a defendant. A defense challenges the prosecution’s evidence and the prosecution’s interpretation of known facts of the case. There are several types of criminal defenses that an attorney can use to defend a client who has had criminal charges filed against him.

One is an argument that the client is the wrong person and has been charged with crimes committed by another person, perhaps with a similar name. This is rare, but sometimes it works. A variation is mis-identification by a witness.

The insanity defense admits crimes were committed, but claims that mental disease prevented the defendant from understanding that the acts were wrong. This requires proving that a serious mental condition existed before the crime, and is difficult to prove.

Self defense is a potent defense in certain conditions. It argues that actions that otherwise would be considered crimes were justified by the need for a person to defend himself from violence or harm to self or family.

Coercion and duress is an uncommon defense. It argues that the defendant was forced to commit the crime by being threatened with violence, either to self or loved ones.

The statute of limitations defense is based on laws that require that charges be filed within a certain length of time after a crime was committed. The limitations are usually a period of years, often seven. There is no statute of limitations on capital crimes such as murder.

A rare defense is abandonment. This defense claims that the defendant intended to commit a crime, but did not, abandoning plans. This is difficult to prove, unless the defendant notified the police and perhaps turned others in. Whatever defense is used, it must be conducted by a qualified defense attorney. Seitles & Litwin has the best attorneys that knows the right strategy to helptop-rated-white-collar-criminal-defense-attorney-miami-fl defend your case.