United States v. Barbara Walden

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Ms.Walden was charged in a multi-defendant crack cocaine conspiracy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ms. Walden faced a minimum mandatory sentence of 20 years if convicted because she had a prior drug conviction.

The government alleged that Ms. Walden traveled with the lead defendant to retrieve multiple kilograms of cocaine and that she paid for his wireless service which was used to facilitate drug transactions.

Mr. Seitles informed the government that Ms. Walden was an ex-boyfriend of the main defendant but that she had no specific knowledge of his drug dealing activities. Moreover, Mr. Seitles explained that there was no evidence his client knew that the lead defendant was going to purchase cocaine on the day they were driving together. Nor was there sufficient evidence that Ms. Walden had ever conspired to purchase, sell or aid and abet in a drug case.

The Judge dismissed all criminal charges against Ms. Walden.