United States v. Dr. Ali Shaygan

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Dr. Shaygan was charged with 141 counts of illegally prescribing medication outside the scope of his medical license. He was also facing a minimum mandatory 20 year sentence because of the death of one of his patients who died of an alleged methadone overdose. Mr. Seitles was part of the defense team led by nationally recognized defense attorney, David Oscar Markus.

During the five-week trial, Mr. Seitles called almost a dozen of Dr. Shaygan’s patients as witnesses to explain to the jury that Dr. Shaygan was a caring doctor who always acted in good faith to help his patients. The defense team also called several well-known expert medical examiners and pain experts, including Dr. Michael Baden, to support their defense that Dr. Shaygan was acting in good faith and did not cause the death of his patient.

The Jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all 141 counts in less than four hours.