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State Of Florida v. Daniel Enrique Guevara Vilca

Mr. Vilca was convicted at trial of possession of child pornography and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Mr. Vilca was a 22 year old first-time offender. Mr. Seitles was then hired to represent Mr. Vilca on appeal. With the assistance of Ashley Litwin and Marcia Silvers, the defense team persuaded the Second District Court of Appeal that the States’s use… Read More

United States v. Dr. Ali Shaygan

Dr. Shaygan was charged with 141 counts of illegally prescribing medication outside the scope of his medical license. He was also facing a minimum mandatory 20 year sentence because of the death of one of his patients who died of an alleged methadone overdose. Mr. Seitles was part of the defense team led by nationally recognized defense attorney, David Oscar… Read More

United States v. Carlos Antonio Ortega Bonilla

Carlos Antonio Ortega Bonilla was charged in a multi co-defendant indictment accused of coordinating airplane flights to import cocaine from Colombia to the United States. Mr. Ortega Bonilla was the former head of the Colombian Aeronautic Civil, and a whistleblower who condemned Colombia’s aviation safety standards. With the assistance of former customs agent Edward Kacerosky, Mr. Seitles was able to… Read More

United States v. Evelio Conde

Mr. Conde was charged with several counts of money laundering and drug trafficking. The government presented evidence that Mr. Conde and his co-defendant were previously arrested in traffic stops with more than $600,000 and on recorded conversations with a confidential government informant discussing a 100 kilogram cocaine deal. The government arrested Mr. Conde two days later in a co-defendants home… Read More

United States v. Carla Lima Silva

Ms. Silva was accused of attempting to enter the United States with a false American visa. Agents testified that Ms. Silva admitted that she had previously entered the United Stated illegally and had worked without legal documents. Mr. Seitles was able to demonstrate that Ms. Silva reasonably relied on the promise of a Brazilian attorney that he could secure her… Read More

United States v. Kenneth Golding

Mr. Golding, a cruise ship employee, was accused of attempting to possess and distribute ten kilograms of cocaine. While exiting a service elevator Mr. Golding was arrested by DEA agents as he stood next to a box containing cocaine. Mr. Golding provided a written confession. Mr. Seitles demonstrated through the cross-examination of Government agents that the DEA agents’ stories were… Read More

United States v. Jose Luis Rojas Sarabia

Mr. Sarabia was accused of smuggling a large sum of United States currency into the country by lying on a customs declaration form and providing false information to border patrol agents. The Government alleged that Mr. Sarabia lied five different times. Mr. Seitles demonstrated through the cross-examination of Government witnesses that the United States Customs Agents’ stories were inconsistent and… Read More

United States v. Cesar Alonso-Bernate

Mr. Alonso-Bernate was charged with attempting to enter the United States with a false passport and visa. Mr. Seitles persuasively argued to the Government that Mr. Alonso-Bernate arrived to the United States with a false document for the sole purpose of seeking poltical asylum. Mr. Seitles provided the Government with documentation to support his client’s cause, including evidence that Mr…. Read More

United States v. Angel Aybar

Mr. Aybar, designated as an Armed Career Criminal, was accused of being a felon in possession of a weapon. He faced a minimum mandatory of fifteen years to life imprisonment. Mr. Seitles filed a motion to suppress and argued to a federal magistrate judge that Mr. Aybar’s Miranda rights were violated. On cross examination, Mr. Seitles demonstrated that the arresting… Read More

United States v. Frank Jesus Onetti

Mr. Onetti was sentenced in absentia to six months in jail for misuse of a social security card as he failed to appear at his sentencing hearing. Mr. Onetti was arrested for failing to appear at his sentencing just weeks before his son’s Bone Marrow Transplant. Mr. Seitles explained that Mr. Onetti’s son, Brenertt Onetti was diagnosed with Leukemia in… Read More